Why Us

There are hundreds of reasons to choose us, we’ll list a few here…

Choosing the right web hosting provider can be a task that seems never ending. With hosts offering the same features and cut throat rates, how you can tell the difference between them? Slable has quality behind our name. We service our clients with the most reliable hardware, easy to use software and the most knowledgeable support staff in the industry.


Reasons you’ll love Slable

Let’s touch base on some of the reasons you will fall in love with Slable from the first click. From our simple to use control panels to the easily installable software such as blogs, chat rooms, social networks and more.


Simple software installation with Softaculous

whyusfeaturesLet’s be honest, installing web applications such as WordPress, Drupal, PHPBB and so on can be complicated at times. Slable offers a one click application installer which allows you to install the top 150 applications out on the internet with the click of a mouse. No more manually setting up databases and reading the installation files, you can get your blog installed and configured in less than 5 minutes, it’s really that simple.

Easy to use control panel

cp-largeSlable utilizes industry leading control panel software from cPanel. We know that technology can be confusing to new comers and even sometimes the internet veterans. That’s why with cPanel you will no longer have to worry about being a technical genius to complete tasks.

cPanel is the easiest way to control and manage your new hosting platform. From creating emails, to managing databases, this control panel is a snap. You can demo this control panel with the login credentials below, before you buy!